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Ahoy! I’ve returned from unexpected surgery.

After recovering from that, I decided to open an Etsy shop to sell bottle cap crafts… and paintings… and a combination of the two. Tonight, I’ve come to the realization that I almost always ‘bite off more than I can chew.’

For example – Since January:

  1. I’ve started this website,
  2. started selling designs on GraphicRiver,
  3. created a new Facebook page,
  4. reactivated my Twitter account,
  5. overhauled my DeviantArt page,
  6. created a Behance profile,
  7. created a Flickr profile,
  8. opened an Etsy shop,
  9. started reading about crafting with epoxy resin,
  10. ordered supplies needed to make cute bottle cap items,
  11. started working on my photography portfolio again,
  12. and come August, I’ll be a full-time student again.

This may not sound like much, but these things are important to my income. If I were to go into how time is spent in my personal life, you’d be reading something like this:

  1. trying to become a healthier person,
  2. jumping through hoops to get insurance to cover a necessary surgery (last one, hopefully),
  3. planning a wedding,
  4. trying to get approved for financial aid again,
  5. finishing Allegiant without constantly thinking of its bad reviews,
  6. keeping my house together and laundry clean,
  7. and raising my gamerscore via Borderlands 2.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten to list a lot of other things, but it’s 5:30 a.m. and I’m reconsidering my choice to stay awake. So, you’ve officially been updated. Thanks for reading! Goodnight!

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