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New Beginnings and Whatnot

Why is the first blog post the hardest (and most poorly written) one?


I’ve put more research and time into this post than I have on any paper I’ve written this semester. It’s been about a week since I published this website. Since then, I’ve read about content marketing becoming the new SEO, an article on how to be a smart blogger, and even about writing the first post.

After that, I realized all of this reading is just a way for me to put off doing the actual writing. So here I am. I’m a multimedia designer and I love reading about becoming a freelancer.

I’ll be writing about the design industry, time management, planning, and social media in a simple and friendly format (mostly lists and infographics) for readers with short attention spans like me. I also plan to write reviews on apps that have helped me through college and that have helped me with managing my business, but that page isn’t up yet. I’ll keep you posted.

I appreciate any comments received. You can comment by writing in the form below this post. You can also connect with me via the Social and Contact pages. You can even email me if you prefer to connect that way.

You can also keep up with me on Facebook, see what I like on Pinterest, check out my shop on GraphicRiver, see what I see on Instagram, find more of my work on Behance, and read what I have to say on Tumblr.

My name is Courtney. It’s nice to meet you!


Stay tuned:

In my next post, I’ll be discussing positive procrastination. Yes, it really does exist. :)


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