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About me

About me

Designer, artist, video game enthusiast

About Me


Hey! My name is Courtney and I aspire to make all things better. I’m 24 years old and I work full-time at an Ophthalmologist's office. I’m also a multimedia designer from Gig City (Chattanooga). I just graduated with a degree in Business Management and Office Systems. I studied management for two years and I’ve been designing for seven.


I got married this past year and I live with my husband, our cat, and newly adopted puppy. When I’m not working, I’m usually at the movies or at a show with friends. I love punk and ska music. My dream is to go back to school for design and to eventually become a well-known environmental concept artist.

These people inspire me:

Adam Adamowicz (Concept artist, Bethesda)
Tyler Lockett (Concept artist, Alice: Madness Returns)
Ray Lederer (Concept artist, Bethesda)
More to come...
More Info:

I also enjoy loud music, painting, and writing reviews on cool apps and services. :)

You can keep up with me on Facebook, see what I like on Pinterest, check out my shop on GraphicRiver, and see what amuses me on Instagram.

Design (Print, Graphic, Web)67%

Photo Editing12%

Canvas Work21%

Some of my work

Design, Photography & Other Creative Work

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